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I'm the ranting anon from ur other blog. So lately I've been feeling like the sexuality I thought I was is actually what I am. And I want to tell somebody but I'm worried if I told ppl I was pan they would treat me different and all the girls and my school would I'm automatically attracted to them and that my friends and family that say the approve of gay marriage etc don't actually mean it and that they'll just brush it off and tell me I don't know what I want bc of my age

hey!! what you have to remember that the most important thing in the world is your happiness, and at the end of the day, the only opinion about you and your choices that matters- is yours! you have the right to tell your family / friends your sexuality without being judged, and yeah, some people might judge you, but they don’t matter, okay? be you!! do you!! fuck what anyone thinks! be proud of your sexuality! it’s nothing you should ever have to hide!

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xhes some tumblr boy model bu t wow pls slay me xhe so cute xhe aint evden related to 5sos but he is goin in my sidebar.. any objection s? xprobably not xhe cute as hell xhe hot as hell xim sweatin
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new url?


lsdlucas: 1111


original5sos: 11111111111

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What does nsfw mean???

not safe for work! so like //porn// and sexual-related things

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definitely either original5sos or alltimevevo

thank u!

new url?


lsdlucas: 1111


original5sos: 1111111111

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new url?


lsdlucas: 1111


original5sos: 111111111

that’s how many votes each URL has so far :—)

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in-the-water intimacy blurb with the boys? if that makes any sense

i think i get what you’re saying !

Luke: He would love shower sex. I could see Luke dragging you into the shower one night, making sure the water was hot so the glass could fog up before he pressed you against it, making you scream as he thrusted into you as roughly as he could, the hot water droplets dripping down both of your bodies.

Ashton: Would be really into sex in a pool. You’d walk out to the pool in the house the boys were staying at wearing a skimpy swimsuit you’d just bought, and Ashton wouldn’t be able to resist himself, pulling you into the pool and pinning you against the pool wall before taking you right there, not caring if the other guys got home or if the neighbours walked into their backyards and caught you both.

Michael: Would probably be into hot-tub sex. The warm water would be extremely relaxing,  and he’d think it’d be even more of a destresser if you pleasured each other too, so he’d have you ride him as he sat on the small bench in the hot tub.

Calum: Calum would definitely be into having sex in the bath. I think he’d like it because it’d be sweet and romantic, he’d have candles lit and soft music playing, he’d be really gentle and slow about the whole experience and would literally focus on making sure you were pleasured.

smutty blurbs !

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send smutty blurb requests !!!

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(Author’s Note: Hey guys, its Emily. I know I haven’t written in a week, I feel like the blogger who cried one shot! Anyways, school was killing me so here is a new smutty one. I worked hard on this I hope you like it.) 

You stirred from your deep slumber, your eyelashes fluttering open and your attention directing itself towards the red letters of the alarm clock. It was 3 AM. You had been awakened by something stiffly poking into the back of your bare thigh. As you slid forward, adjusting your position to avoid discomfort, it was only a matter of seconds before Michael’s hips were pressed firmly against your bottom again. 

His member was now wedged against you. His hips bucked slightly, in small jerks. You flipped over, only to discover he was still deep in sleep. You could only imagine what filthy dreams were illuminating his mind at the moment. You chuckled under your breath, before flipping back over and attempting to fall back asleep. 

Half an hour later, you were awakened once more by Michael, this time wide awake and softly shaking your arm, while whispering your name. 

"Babe, (Y/N)…..babe." he urged. 

Your eyes adjusted to the dark room, as you became aware of the your surroundings. 

"Babe!" he hissed, impatiently. 

"Mikey? What?" you groaned, utterly filled to the brim with sheer exhaustion. 

"Princess, please…help me. God, I’m so hard for you Princess, it hurts." he whined, desperate for relief. 

"Mike, just go to bed, we can fuck in the morning." you grumbled, sinking further into your pillow. 

His calloused fingertips skirted across your waist, sneaking under the hem of his band shirt you slept in. He loved seeing you in his clothing. He loved the way they smelled afterward, clad with your perfume and the aroma your shampoo. He adored the way they swallowed your figure, and fell just below your cute bum, which peaked out, adorned in lacy boy shorts, when you scurried around the house. 

He rolled the cotton hem around in his fingers, before letting his cute little hands intricately graze over your bare skin. 

His flesh on yours made the hairs on the nape of your neck stand up. You resisted the urge to shudder as small electric tingles short down your spine, radiating to your fingertips, like small pin pricks of arousal. 

He leaned in, his soft lips mere inches away from the conch of your ear. 

"You can’t hide. I know what I do to you baby girl." he purred, his breathe hot against your tired pores. 

He quickly created stark contrast, by blowing cool air down your neck, awakening your senses. He sucked lightly on the pale skin adorning your collarbones, creating Michael shaped bruises for you to admire the following morning. 

His index finger trailed from your soft stomach to the elastic band of your panties. He ran the pads of his fingers back and forth on the eager skin under the waist band. 

Your breath caught in your throat, and you struggled to hold back a whimper as you came to the realization you could never win this. 

You exhaled a sigh of defeat as a single knuckle delved between your folds, revealing to Mikey how his words were affecting you. 

"Who made you this wet kitten?" he growled, a smirk tugging at the corners of his soft pink lips. You could practically hear the cocky grin he donned in the tone of his voice. 

A needy moan escape your parted lips, piercing the otherwise silent air surround you. 

With a breathy chuckle, he massaged your button of nerves, before quickly withdrawing his fingers from your heat. Your stomach ached at the loss of his touch, leaving you ravenous for more contact. 

"Oh well, I guess my Princess needs her beauty sleep." he teased, smug with himself. He rolled over, sucking up to the second knuckle of his digits, savoring your taste as he did so. 

"Mmm, such a sweet late night snack." he purred, knowingly pushing you to the breaking point with his sultry words. 

You abruptly sat up, pinning him down as you swung your leg over him, straddling his hips. 

"Horny bastard." you laughed, shaking your head in mock disapproval. Your hands pawing at his pale, bare chest. 

"One of my many, redeeming qualities." he remarked. 

"Fuck you." you jested, rolling your eyes. 

"Is that a promise, kitten?" he growled, a cloud of anticipation, engulfing you in its haze, temporarily blurring your vision with need. 

You smashed your lips against his, allowing his tongue immediate entrance, dominating your own. 

His protective arms snaked around your waist, his palms lying flat against the small of your back, supporting you. 

You broke the kiss, grinding your covered heat down the length of the prominent outline of his erection, apparent through the thin material of his boxers. 

He licked his lips, enthralled in the much needed friction. 

You circled your hips, rotating your core around him. His member twitched beneath you. 

"Please, baby, no teasing, I wont….I wont be able to last." he pleaded. 

You pouted your lips, faking an innocent stare of confusion. “Stop what Mikey?” you cooed, playfully. 

With a groan, he flipped you off the top of him, hovering of you, holding himself up with his elbows. He loved how vulnerable you looked underneath him. He loved knowing he was the only one that could please you in the ways you deserved. 

He tore his t shirt off of your body, leaving you exposed. His hands danced down your torso as he attacked your skin, nipping all over your chest leaving a wet trail of developing love bites. 

His tongue swirled the shape of one of your nipples, before taking them between his parted lips and sucking harshly. Your back arched with pleasure as he blew cold air against the now hardened bud. 

You whimpered, your fingers darting to your underwear to slide them off with haste down your freshly shaven legs. 

He wasted no time before devouring your core, a growl escaping his occupied mouth. He abandoned his previous plan to continue teasing you. Michael Clifford could only endure a certain amount of foreplay before succumbing to his instincts. He need to fill you grew simply intolerable.

He parted your folds with two fingers, darting his tongue in and out of your core. Causing your back to arch, and black spots to blur your vision of him between your thighs.

His fluffy hair tickled your hip bones, while his stubble scratched the inside of your thighs. The combination of these sensations, overloaded your senses, making you scream out his name. 

"Michael!" you cried, him relishing at the high pitched notes of need lacing your voice. 

He rubbed the front of his teeth over your throbbing clit before drawing figure eights on it with his thumb. You quaked, under the hot cloak of his velvet skin against yours. 

A pool of heat formed in your stomach, as a familiar knot formed, threatening  release at any give moment. 

"Mikey! Michael! Get in me!" you cried out, your hands entangled in his hair, pulling it softly away from where you needed him most. 

"Im not sure kitten…" he pretended to contemplate. 

"Michael Gordon Clifford get the fuck inside of me right this fucking instant!" you snapped. 

He grinned, amused by your desperation for his cock. Your audacious and authoritative outburst plastered a smug smirk on his face.

He complied, his head already peaking out through the slit in his boxers. Looking pink and flushed, a single pearl of pre cum glistening on the tip. 

You licked your lips at the sight of his member, suppressing the urge to kitten lick his slit, lapping up his juices. The only thing holding you back was your need to be filled with the entirety of his length. 

He drug the head up and down your eager folds, before lining up with your throbbing entrance. 

He pushed, filling your walls with a single thrust, giving you limited time to adjust to his degree of thickness. You never got used to the stretching sensation that always accompanied Michael’s cock. 

A strangled cry burst forth from your parted lips as he grazed your sweet spot with his member. Your walls clenched around him, squeezing him tight. 

"Fuck Kitten, you’re always so tight for me!" he groaned with trembling lips, as a grunt spilled out of his open mouth. 

You threw your heard back in ecstasy as once more you contracted around him, making the veins in his neck pop.

A single bead of sweat trickled down his temple, tracing his jawline. He swallowed hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down in his throat. 

"Fuck, (Y/N)." he choked out, his voice rocky and strained. "You’re so good to me Princess, fuck, just like that baby girl, take all of Daddy."

Without warning, his words pushed you over the edge. Intense waves of your release cascaded over you, washing away any sense of awareness with it. You were left there, limply floating in your own paradise, your eyes blurred with wet tears brimming your lids. All you could think of was Michael. You were drowning in his scent. You were swimming in his presence. 

In your state of delirium, you were nearly oblivious to the four hot spurts of warmth Michael shot, filling you with his release. As he pulled out, he was coated in a mixture of both of your juices. You opened your mouth to laugh, but found yourself breathless, your body allowing no sound to escape. Michael Clifford had literally fucked you senseless. 

He collapsed next to you, stroking the hair out of your face and kissing your forehead. 

"Are you okay Princess?" he inquired, cleaning you up and tucking you back into the covers. 

You looked at him, a weak smiling forming as you gazed at him through droopy red eyes. He stroked your drenched hairline as silent tears streamed down your face, pooling in the dip in your collar bones. 

"I love you." you weakly marveled. 

"I love you more kitten. More than you will ever know." he insisted. 

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