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August 29th


okay this is vaguely nsfw i suppose!!

you and Luke would be on the tour bus, sitting on the couch in what was considered the lounge room as you cuddled. You’d scoot into his lap, dropping your head to rest in the crook of his neck as you placed gentle kisses on his skin. His hands would slowly run down your sides, giving you chills as his fingers traced over the skin. He’d then rest his hands on your bum, giving it a slight squeeze before gripping your hips to press his hard up against you.

You would be visiting Michael's parents, staying over a few nights in his childhood bedroom. As his parents went off to sleep he would lead you up to his room, shutting the door quietly before pressing you back against it. He'd press his lips hungrily to yours, despite knowing you both couldn't really do anything about it with his parents being in the room next door. Your hands would desperately travel around each other's bodys, his hands grabbing your boobs and squeezing your hips as your fingers tangled through his coloured hair, pulling and tugging at the strands.

You would’ve been at a clothing store, trying on a new dress you bought that made Ashton go crazy. As soon as you walked out of the dressing room to show him it, he pushed you back in and shut the door pressing you against the wall as his hands touched and squeezed your body, needy to rip that dress off.

You and Calum would be having movie night with the boys, and he would rest his hand on your thigh, tracing small circles into the inner parts to slightly tease you, “accidentally” brushing his fingers against your every once and a while. You’d end up teasing him back, doing a similar thing to him and eventually you’d end up in his lap, making out with him as the other boys groaned and complained.


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Q: blurb about your first time. -Anonymous


oo ok

Ashton would make sure the entire experience was passionate, romantic and sweet. You’d be making out on the couch and you’d be so turned on the you’d whisper in his ear that you were ready and he’d scoop you up in his arms bridal-style and he’d carry you to the bedroom, gently laying you back on the bed. He’d slowly remove both of your clothes, his lips gently connecting to yours and occasionally trailing sweet, soft kisses around your body. He’d go slow during the actual process, being sure not to thrust to fast and constantly kissing your cheek and asking if you were okay and if you wanted him to stop.

I think you would tell Luke you were finally ready one night as you were cuddling on the couch, and he would softly smile and lightly kiss your lips before standing off the couch and going to run a bath. He’d pull you into the bathroom with him, slowly removing both of your clothes before having you straddle his waist as you sat in the bubble bath surrounded by candles and rose petals. He’d let you slowly ride him, wanting you to be able to choose your own pace for your first time. He’d gently trace circles into your hips as you moved up and down his length, his lips gently kissing and lightly sucking on the skin around your neck and collarbone.

Calum would definitely make your first time all about getting you to climax as much as possible. I think he’d start by fingering you so you could get used to having something inside of you, and he’d keep making sure you were okay as he attached his lips to your clit, sucking harsly and flicking his tongue around. I think after you climaxed from his fingers and his mouth he’d bring his lips back up to yours before slowly pushing himself inside of you, going at a bit of a rough pace, which you wouldn’t mind at all.

Michael would wanna be really loving and intimate during your first time I think. He’d probably sit up with his back against the headboard as you slowly lowered yourself over him. He’d have his hands on your hips, guiding you up and down his length slowly, kissing your chest and occasionally flicking his tongue over your nipples. He’d mutter sweet nothings and would keep asking if you were okay and reminding you that he loves you.

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Q: Blurb about giving him a hand job gooo -Anonymous


eeee ok, nsfw warning i guess??

Ashton: It would be in the middle of math class, both of you sitting at a large desk in the back of the room. He’d lean over to you, his lips brushing your ear as he started whispering dirty things to you, telling you how badly he needed you. You’d notice the growing bulge in his pants, and you’d give in, plunging your hand inside the waistband of his sweats. You’d grasp his length in your hand, slowly moving your hand up and down his length, watching him bite his lip and struggle not to moan from the corner of your eyes.

Luke: There would be no way in hell you’d be able to satisfy your boyfriend with typical sex, despite how horny he was, since you were currently on your period. So you’d decide to push him back on the couch, tugging his tight jeans and boxers off, letting his length spring up. You’d run your finger up and down his hard a few times before moving your hand quickly up and down him, biting your lip as he whimpered and cursed.

Michael: You’d push Michael back on the bed, a sudden crave for being intimate with Michael having washed over you on a normal Saturday night. You wouldn’t hesitate to tug his bottoms off and grab his hard-on in your hands, quickly pumping his length. Your thumb would rub quick circles around his tip, some pre-cum already spilling out as your hand alone started to make him come un-done.

Calum: It would always be hard to have sex in the small area of the tour bus, and the only time Calum and you would be able to have proper sex would be whenever you stayed at a hotel. But sometimes, you were both too horny to wait the day or two trip to get there. You’d never break your kiss with Calum, your tongues exploring each other’s mouths as your hand moved up and down his length, eager to make him cum. It wouldn’t take much, just a tug at his lower lip and a few dirty whispers in his ear as you continued your pace before he came on his chest.


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Q: blurb about him eating you out -Anonymous


alright this is vaguely nsfw so this may make some of u uncomfortable .

Ashton: His large hands hold your hips down, not letting you even squirm as he plunges his tongue inside of you. You’d be a moaning, sweaty mess as his lips attacked your centre, not giving you time to think as stars clouded your vision. Ashton wouldn’t mess around, he wouldn’t tease you with thigh kisses, he’d want to get right to making you scream, and that’s exactly what he would do every single time, as his long tongue worked wonders on your area.

Luke: Luke would slowly trail his fingers up and down your sides, slowly letting his lips trail up your legs and to your heat. He’d lick your slit once, teasing you before he started moving his fingers in and out of you at a quick pace. He’d suck harshly on your clit, making you scream out in pleasure as he over-stimulated you as much as possible, a smirk plastered to his face as you came undone.

Calum: Calum would almost always have you sit on his face. Calum would always be into more giving than receiving, and he’d always tell you to ride his face. You’d start out slowly rocking your hip as his tongue swirled around you, occasionally plunging inside of you as well. Your quiet moans would soon turn into hoarse whimpers as he gripped your hips, pulling you down more so his tongue had more pressure as his lips sucked on clit, making you scream out.

Michael: I don’t think in your everyday bedroom life, Michael would be super into foreplay. However, one day when you were at a restaurant, he would “accidentally” drop a small item. He’d push your panties to the side, licking up and down your slit as you tried to hide the blush on your face. You’d tug on his coloured hair, begging him to move his tongue deeper. He’d come back up from the table, leaving a tip on the table so he could finish what he started in the car.


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5sos Preference #89 | How You Know He’s In The Mood


hiiiiiiii. so i was yolucas. this URL is possibly temporary.. we’ll see what happens. :-) (i might change it back in a day haha who knows)

ashton: …He’ll cling to you like a koala. He’ll pull you into his lap, wrapping his arms tightly around you as he buries his head in the crook of your neck, placing light kisses around the skin.

luke: …He won’t stop kissing you. Every few seconds his lips will be back on yours, roughly and needily kissing you every chance he got until you took the hint.

michael: …He traces circles on your inner thighs. He’ll rest his hand on your leg, his thumb slipping down and tracing small circles on your inner leg.

calum: …He changes the playlist. Calum always has music playing, typically Green Day or Blink 182, but when he’s in the mood he’ll switch to a different playlist with tons of Chris Brown.

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5sos Preference #84 | The Boys Tease You The Morning After


this might be shit bc i haven’t slept in many hours!! anyway this is 2/? for preference day.

luke:  You walked into the ktichen, only wearing Luke’s shirt and a pair of short shorts as you started to boil water for your morning tea. “Wow Y/N” Michael hummed from the table behind you, and you gasped not noticing the three boys sitting there when you walked in. “What?” you chuckled, raising your eyebrow at him. “Nice hickeys” Ashton teased, and you quickly placed your hand over your neck, moving to look at your reflection in the microwave. “Luke must’ve gone crazy last night” Calum sniggered as you checked out the multiple deep purple marks that covered your neck. “I did” Luke smirked as he walked into the kitchen, making his way towards you. “Now please stop teasing my girlfriend” he rolled his eyes, wrapping his strong arms around your waist.

michael: "Well good morning" Luke smirked as you walked into the living room, sitting next to Calum on the couch. "Morning?" you chuckled, confused by his enthusiasm. "What did you and Michael do last night?" Ashton asked, setting down his phone. "Um, slept?" you laughed, shaking your head to focus on the TV. "Really? Because from the loud sounds of it you two were doing a lot more than sleeping” Calum added, a smirk plastered across his face as you rolled your eyes. “You’re all such pests” Michael groaned as he walked into the living room, his hair all over the place. “‘Are not!” Luke defended, crossing his arms. “Then stop pestering my girlfriend” Michael chuckled, sitting on the other side of you and pulling you into his lap.

ashton: "So at first I wondered why you two were sleeping nearly naked on the couch" Calum chimes, waking you and Ashton up from where you were peacefully cuddled on the large sofa in the living room. "But then I went into Ashton’s room, and saw that you two broke his damn bed!" Calum grins, humour in his tone. "I can’t believe you guys fucked so roughly that you broke the god damn bed" he teases, smirking at you and Ashton which only made Ashton pull you closer to his chest. "Shut up Calum" he mumbled sleepily, hiding his head in your neck. "You guys are gross" Calum joked and your cheeks blushed a deep red as laughter erupted from down the hall, meaning the other two boys must’ve saw the broken bed too.

calum: "Yeah you guys didn’t miss much last night, Cal and I just watched some movies" you told the boys since they were out all last night, giving you and Calum the house to yourselves. "Ah, sounds fun" Luke chuckled and you shrugged as Calum walked into the kitchen, his shirt off as he made his way over to the fridge. "Watched movies my ass!" Ashton giggled and nudged your shoulders, pointing to the deep scratch marks on Calum’s tan back. "Oops?" you chuckled and Calum turned around to face you with a smirk on his face. "Don’t act like you expected me not to take the rare oppourtunity of having alone time with my girlfriend to do something fun" Calum laughed and looked over at the boys, who gagged slightly in disgust before turning back to their phones.

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5sos Preference #83 | He Asks The Other Boys For A Condom


mild mature content. oo. scandalous (today is preference day so i’ll be posting many preferences)

i havent slept in many hours this might be bad sorry

ashton: His lips traveled down your neck, sucking and biting the delicate skin. “Ashton” you gasped and arched your back slightly as he pressed his hard-on roughly against you, the only fabric separating the two of you being his boxers and your lacy underwear. “Shit, condom” Ashton mumbled under his breath in the middle of pulling off your bottoms, standing off of the bed and rummaging through the nightstand. “We’re out of condoms babe” Ashton whined, running a hand through his curly hair. “Ask the boys for one” you pouted, eager to be intimate with your boyfriend. “Right” he nodded, walking off to the living room and you heard faint snickering from the three other boys after Ashton asked for a condom. “Idiots’ he grumbled slightly as he walked back into the bedroom, shutting your door closed behind him. “Now where were we?” he smirked, holding the red package in the air before walking closer to you.

luke: "Luke you have to!" you groaned, shoving his shoulder lightly towards the doorway. "Are you sure you don’t want to ask the boys for one instead?" Luke blushed, not looking forward to asking his mates for a condom, but also not willing to drive to the store when he wanted to be intimate with you now. "Yeah, I’ll pass" you chuckled lightly and he sighed, covering his obvious erection by holding a pillow in front of his boxers before walking over to Calum’s room across the hall. You pressed your ear to your bedroom door, listening in to bits of the conversation. "Oi, getting frisky?" you heard Calum laugh and Luke mumble something under his breath before saying a quiet ‘thank you’. You heard Luke’s footsteps padding back towards your room and you quickly laid back down on the bed, posing in the sexiest way possible. "I got one babe" he winked as he walked back inside, crawling back overtop of you with the blue packet in his hand.

michael: "You’re gonna make me cum my pants" Michael hissed as you straddled him on the couch, your hands firmly placed on his shoulders as you moved your hips against his. "Well you can’t cum in me Michael you forgot to buy condoms" you roll your eyes, continuing your movements. "Fuck it, I’ll ask Ashton for one." he groans, gently pushing you off his lap to go to Ashton’s room. "Be naked on our bed by the time I get there" Michael smirks at you, and you blush a deep red as you quickly run off to Michael’s room, removing your clothes as you heard Ashton snort from outside his room. "I can’t believe how horny you two always are" you heard Ashton remark, obviously while handing Michael a condom. "Don’t be mad because I’m using all of my condoms and you haven’t even touched yours" you heard Michael retaliate before walking back down the hall. You quickly tugged off your remaining clothes, biting your lip as you laid back onto the bed. "Ready babe?" Michael smirked as he walked inside, eyeing up your naked body. "Mhm" you hummed as he tossed the condom onto the bed and started peeling off his clothes.

calum: Calum’s lips pressed hungrily against yours, removing the last of your clothes as he remained only in his boxers. He pinned you against the wall, ready to pull down his boxers and push inside of you as he slung your leg over his shoulder. “C-Cal, condom” you reminded him, momentarily breaking the kiss. “Oh, right” he mumbled, pulling open his sock drawer and groaning to find the box empty. “I’ll go ask the guys for one” he sighs, his eyes still dark with lust as he walked out of your bedroom. “Hey lads, do you have condoms we can borrow-” he started but was interrupted by Michael’s loud laughter. “Nice boner Calum” he laughed and you heard Calum tell Michael to go fuck himself. “I have one Cal” Luke chuckles, still laughing at Michael’s remark. “Thanks” Calum muttered before quickly walking back into the bedroom. “We’re never going to live this down” he smirked before walking back over to you, his lips against your neck. “So we might as well be loud” he whispered huskily, biting down on the delicate skin of your collarbone.

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5SOS Preference: You Find Out His “Secret” Kink By Accident


finally writing this!! (I cringed using the term tittyfuck but is there rly a politer term? I don’t think so)


You stood in the kitchen with your boyfriend Luke, helping him make a cake for Michael’s birthday. Luke was determined to make this cake perfectly, he even put a little Chef’s hat on his head. “Hey babe, can you pass me an egg?” he hummed, stirring the the cake batter. “Yes sir” you chuckled, reaching over and grabbing an egg. “W-what did you just say?” Luke asked, chewing on his lip as his face flushed, something he did when he was turned on. “I said yes sir” you repeat slowly. “I want you to take all your clothes off and say that again” he whispers, his body now pressed against yours. “Do you have a Sir kink Luke?” you smirk and look up at him. “Yeah, now go meet me in our bedroom” he hums and you nod. “Yes sir” you wink before walking off.


"Y/N?" Ashton called out, walking to where you were sitting on the couch. "Yeah?" you hum and turn down the television. "Did you eat the last yogurt cup?" he pouts. "Oh yeah I did, sorry" you chuckle and nod. "Baby I said that was mine" he grumbles. "Sorry Ash, I guess you’ll have to spank me for being bad" you joke and his eyes widen. "Okay, I will" he says seriously and walks over to you. "What? Ash I was joking" you chuckle and nudge his shoulder. "Oh, right" he sighs. "But if you like the idea of spanking me, you can" you whisper, biting down gently on his earlobe, causing him to smirk and pull you towards the bedroom.


"Michael do we have any whip cream?" you hum and look through the fridge to find the topping for the cake you were about to eat. "Why do you need some?" Michael asks, leaning against the wall by the fridge. "So I can spread it all over my body for you to lick off" you roll your eyes. "No I need to put it on the cake I’m making" you chuckle. "Oh" he pouts, shutting the fridge and pinning you against it. "I like the first option better" he whispers, brushing his lips against yours. "Oh yeah?" you smirk, gently tugging on his lower lip. "Mhm, I might have a food kink" he whispers and winks before grabbing a bottle of chocolate sauce and pulling you towards the shower.


"Calum how many beers have you had?" you laugh as your boyfriend pulls off the last of his clothes, completely nude as he cuddles beside you on the couch. "So many" he laughs, burying his head in your neck and kissing around your collarbone. "Can I tell you something" he slurs, lifting his head from the crook of your neck. "I have a kink that I haven’t told you about" he whispers, his accent thick. "Oh yeah? What’s the kink?" you smirk at him. "I’ve always wanted to tittyfuck you" he hums, looking down at you hopefully. "I think that can be arranged" you wink, and he chuckles before pushing you back onto the couch and crawling overtop of you.

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5SOS Preference - “Keep It On”


feedback // smut masterlist // writings to-do list for the week

Michael: His lips left where they were leaving marks on your neck as you pushed him back onto the bed, pulling your dress over your head and working on quickly taking off your bra and panties. You threw them across the room, leaning down to take off your black high heels as well. “Keep them on” Michael whispered with lust-filled eyes, and you raised your eyebrow at his comment. “Its fucking hot when you have heels on” he smirked, pulling you onto the bed and climbing overtop of you, letting you dig your heels into his back as he thrusted into you.

Luke: You pulled Luke’s SnapBack off of his head and placed it onto your head as you pulled off his shirt, leaving you both naked as he pressed you up against the wall, roughly kissing you. You broke the kiss momentarily to take off the SnapBack, and Luke grabbed your hands, pinning them above your head to stop you. “Keep it on, I love when you wear my hats” he smirked before bringing his lips down to your neck.

Ashton: “No, keep it on” Ashton demanded as you went to wipe off your bright red lipstick before continuing your heated make out session in the shower with Ashton. “Why?” you raised your eyebrow at him. “It’s hot babe” he smirked as you stepped in the shower and he quickly pinned you against the wall. “It makes you look like the bad girl you are” he whispered huskily against your neck, pressing himself against you.

Calum: You pulled your panties off and chucked them behind you, leaving you in only Calum’s shirt as he stood in front of you, completely nude and his eyes full of need. You reached your hands down to pull Calum’s shirt off of yourself but Calum interrupted you by pinning you against the wall, kissing and biting your collarbone. “No, keep my shirt on, it’ll remind you who makes you feel this good” he growls lowly, pressing himself against your entrance.

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