Q: My friend told me about Michael's size and I was like I can't even wear a small tampon with out it hurting like a mofo how in the hell am I supposed to do the do -Anonymous

u need to pray man

sexual/whtever hour!!

July 9th 4

"This song has a message of ‘I really don’t care’, and originally it started out as a breakup song, but then I realised I’m in such an awesome place that I don’t really want it to have a negative message. And plus, it’s awesome when you get to see thousands of people just being themselves, being who they are and I thought that was so fitting for this music video.”

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Q: Am I the only one that thinks Michael has like a bunch of kinks and I strongly believe in Michael's daddy kink -Anonymous

frick he probably does have one i cry

sexual/whtever hour!!

July 9th 6

"Don't Tell Michael"


i have bad ashton feels so, here we go.. [longest smut i’ve ever written omg]

Ashton Irwin Smut

Rated: R

Pairing: Ashton Irwin / Y/N

Character Count: 8,105

Description: (NOT EDITED YET) When your older brother’s hot friends are always over, it’s hard not to…

almost 2k holyyyyyyyyyyyy

Q: Do you thin fwb exists?! If so do you have any advice ? -Anonymous

what do u mean exists?? and what kind of advice??xx

sexual/whtever hour!!

July 9th
Q: From how u described Jared he kinda sounds like Ashton 8) -Anonymous

he actually does remind me of ashton a lot omg

sexual/whtever hour!!

July 9th
Q: is jared big ;)?? -Anonymous
July 9th

bC ur too hot they feel like they are not on ur level!!

sexual/whtever hour!!

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