Q: blurb on them teasing you (visual) -Anonymous

nsfw warning!!!

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August 20th 11
Q: I'm not sure if I'd be sub or dom but I have this feeling I'd be doth -Anonymous

best of both worlDs

August 5th 1
Q: i just wanted to say that i sincerely thinl that you're hot enough to be in the Amnesia music video like you make me go heart eye emoji omg -Anonymous

ohn my go  i loev u

August 5th
Q: I have a friend who said he's gladly fuck me and I'd gladly fuck him too but I'm so self conscious lol -Anonymous

omg just go for it

August 5th
Q: Hey. You might think I'm gross buttttt do you have any anal stories? I just... Yeah idk. Sorry. -Anonymous

haha ive never done that so no!

August 5th


Blink 182 - I Miss You [x]

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Make your ownAlex Gaskarth

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